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Ice Hoppers Fun Cooperative Preschool Board Gameÿ

Ice Hoppers Fun Cooperative Preschool Board Gameÿ


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  • COOPERATIVE GAME: This fun board game is designed to develop fine motors and focus and attention, teaches young children about cooperation and strengthens social skills. It is easy to understand (no reading required) and plays in the box! It is made of high quality wooden and cardboard materials.
    HOW TO PLAY: Insert ice chunks one at a time and help your penguins advance from one side of the board to the other. They can only hop to a new ice chunk if it touches the one they stand on. Ice chunks will push each other?s when a new one is inserted, creating chaos and requiring new paths for the penguins to travel. The game includes more advanced rules using Sea Lions tokens, and a 1 player solo rule.
    KID FRIENDLY: Ice Hoppers makes the perfect first board game with easy to follow instructions for children and parents alike. Reinforce cooperation learning, help develop decision making skills, strategic thinking, turn-taking, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills with this fun, fast board game for kids. For 1-4 players, perfect for ages 5+.
    This board game INCLUDES 4 wooden penguins, 1 Sea Board, 30 Ice Chunk Tiles, 12 Sea Lions Tokens, 1 Cloth Bag and kid friendly instructions. Ice Hoppers makes a great addition to your classic kindergarten, homeschool, or preschool learning toys and games collection.

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